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Engine 17

2004 American Lafrance Metropolitan

Engine 17 is a Custom Pumper 1500/1000

  • 400 Horsepower Cummins ISL
  • Allison 3000 ESV automatic transmission
  • 1250GPM Hale ALFS125 pump
  • 1000 Gallon Poly tank
Hose Length Nozzle Location
1.75” 250′ Smooth Bore Cross Lay (Orange Hose)
1.75” 250′ SM20FG Combo Cross Lay (Tan Hose)
2.5” 250′ DSM30F Combo Cross Lay (Yellow Hose)
2.5” 250′ Smooth Bore 1 1/8” Rear Hose Bed
1.5” 150′ Feecon 95gpm Foam Rear Hose Bed
5” LDH 1200′ Rear Hose Bed

Torringford’s Engine 17 adopted it’s name from the popular 1991 hit film “Backdraft“.
Enginer 17 seats four Firefighters, one Officer and one Driver, 6 personnel in total.
Five of the seats on Engine 17  are specially designed (See Image) to carry the Self Contain Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
There are a total of six Scott’s SCBA packs on board Engine 17, as well as 6 extra 4,500 psi 30 minute bottles.


Communication in the fire service is key. For this reason we have multiple forms of communication available on the apparatus.

Type Qty Modle# Use
Mobile Radio  1 CDM1250 Response and mobile Communications
Portable radio  2 Motorola HT1250 Officers | Driver Radio
Portable radio 4 Motorola HT750 Company Radio

For a complete inventory list of equipment on Engine 17 (Click Here)

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